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 Because this is your home... - New eBook from H&H

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PostSubject: Because this is your home... - New eBook from H&H   Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:42 pm

We have added a new eBook to our ever growing collection.

Because this is our home ... the story of a cat’s progress - Mary Dowson
eBook ISBN - 9781845845735

Julius was born in the prewar years, and escapes death by a lucky chance. Rescued by John, a gardener, Julius lives with him and his family through the dangers and privations of World War Two, and when John fails to return from the hostilities, the fatherless family is forced to live through tumultuous times. By the time that peace returns, Julius is getting old, and, when it seems that he will have to share his home and beloved family with a most unwelcome arrival – a dog – Julius decides to follow the Gladlight, wherever it may lead him. During his journey, Julius has many adventures and learns much, so that, by the time he reaches his final destination, he is a wise and philosophical cat, with a message to pass on ...

You will find Hubble & Hattie eBooks on sale from the following vendors: Amazon (Kindle), iBookstore (Apple devices), Barnes & Noble (NOOK), W H Smith (KOBO), Google Play store (Android devices) and Txtr (Beagle eReader). They are also available on the Waterstones website and many other smaller eBook vendors.

Hubble & Hattie's ebooks can be found on the Veloce Digital.
Find 'Because this is your home ...' here =

For information on how to buy and read Hubble & Hattie ebooks visit the Veloce Digital FAQ =

Jamie McDonald
albino eBook Wizard @ Hubble and Hattie / Veloce Publishing albino

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Because this is your home... - New eBook from H&H
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