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 Miaow! - New eBook for H&H

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PostSubject: Miaow! - New eBook for H&H   Thu Nov 08, 2012 12:44 am

We have added a new eBook to our ever growing collection.

Miaow! - Cats really are nicer than people! by the late Sir Patrick Moore CBE FRS
eBook ISBN - 9781845845414

This little book is about cats; cats of all shapes, sizes and colours, and specifically about those that have shared their lives with the great and well-respected astronomer, the late Sir Patrick Moore CBE FRS, over a lifetime of 80 years.
This is Patrick’s very personal account of the cats that have been part of his family, beginning with Bonnie, who died at the grand old age of twenty, through to the two beloved feline s– Jeannie and Ptolemy – that he lived with most recently.
The fascinating and engrossing text is complemented by personal photographs of Sir Patrick, his adored mother, Gertrude (also a cat-lover), and the many cats that have filled Patrick’s life with love and companionship.
Reveals a delightful and charming side to the man who attained international status as a writer, researcher, radio commentator and television presenter, and who is credited with having done more than any other to raise the profile of astronomy.

You will find Hubble & Hattie eBooks on sale from the following vendors: Amazon (Kindle), iBookstore (Apple devices), Barnes & Noble (NOOK), W H Smith (KOBO), Google Play store (Android devices) and Txtr (Beagle eReader). They are also available on the Waterstones website and many other smaller eBook vendors.

Hubble & Hattie's ebooks can be found on the Veloce Digital.
Find 'Miaow!' here =

For information on how to buy and read Hubble & Hattie ebooks visit the Veloce Digital FAQ =

Jamie McDonald
albino eBook Wizard @ Hubble and Hattie / Veloce Publishing albino

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Miaow! - New eBook for H&H
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